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A $3.5 Trillion healthcare problem isn't going to fix itself!

  • Operating costs outstripping revenues
  • Changing payer mix
  • Disruption from new market entrants
  • Increasing consumer demand
  • Confusing and volatile politics

By 2025 more than 40% of hospitals will have negative margins. 


Since 2008 average deductibles have increased 212% - 8x faster than average wages.


By 2024 Medicare will become the largest payer in the mix.

Creating a healthcare system that works for everyone will not happen overnight. 

But with a clear understanding of:


  • The larger context in which we operate
  • The realities of our political system
  • The core elements of a sustainable future

We can identify the specific barriers that hold us back and develop strategies that challenge the status quo through innovation and collaboration.


"Our future may lie beyond our vision, but it is not completely beyond our control."

Robert Kennedy




John Kitzhaber has over forty years of experience in health policy and politics, in both the public and private sectors. He practiced as an emergency physician for fifteen years, served fourteen years in the Oregon legislature and three terms as Governor of Oregon.  


For over a decade John practiced medicine while simultaneously serving in public office, which gave him a unique perspective on the implications of public policy at the point of delivery, as well as on collaboration, innovation and political/policy change. He has direct experience in leading delivery system transformation, creating new care models and working though state and federal political and regulatory processes to implementation.   READ MORE

Authored the groundbreaking Oregon Health Plan

Ranked #1 on the list of the 50 most Influential Physician Executives by Modern Healthcare Magazine

Chief architect of Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations


"I had the honor of working with Governor Kitzhaber in between his second and third terms as Governor. He is probably one of the smartest persons I have ever worked with. Not simply in clinical or technical knowledge/thinking, but in his ability to absorb changing information, and nuances in external partner perspectives. He understands that finding the right question is often more important than finding the answer."  



Executive Director,

North Sound Accountable Community of Health Bellingham, Washington 

"I have known and worked with John Kitzhaber, MD for almost 20 years. John has advocated for inter-sectoral partnerships and coalitions among health care providers (hospitals, physicians, insurers), government, social and human services organizations, and other community organizations for the pursuit of community and societal well-being. John has the unique ability as a former elected official and executive to bring broad constituencies together to produce policy, programs and services outcomes. John understands the financial, political, quality, and practical side of health-related services. He is a compelling public speaker and an effective writer. Most importantly, John is a thought-leader when it comes to health care reform and transformation."




Howard University Hospital

Washington, D.C.

"John recently spoke to a group of our key business leaders and partners. His unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience, combined with a great sense of how to navigate a rapidly changing environment, was exactly what our leadership was hoping for. John’s a great strategic thinker and facilitator, with a real talent for leading individuals and organizations through complex discussions"  



Executive Director of Community Health at Kaiser Permanente Portland, Oregon



  • Guiding leadership through the change process
  • Examining current challenges and causes
  • Identifying obstacles to transformation
  • Reassembling various components into a strategic plan


  • The Oregon Story
  • Guiding the Asteroid
  • Fulfilling Our Responsible to the Future
  • Addressing the Total Cost of Care
  • Health Care Politics in the 2020 Election Cycle


  • Healthcare Policy
  • Healthcare Politics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consensus Building/Facilitation

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